Management Commitee Meetings

1st MC Meeting - 23rd of May 2011, Brussels, Belgium (pdf)

2nd MC Meeting - 15th of September 2011, Brussels, Belgium (pdf)

3rd MC Meeting - 14th of January 2012, Leiden, Netherlands (pdf)

4th MC Meeting - 6th of July 2012, Brussels, Belgium (pdf)

5th Meeting (Research Meeting) - 10th of November 2012, Bamberg, Germany (pdf)

5th MC Meeting - 23rd of February 2013, Dresden, Germany (pdf)

6th MC Meeting - 6th of September 2013, London, UK (pdf)

7th MC Meeting - 29th of November 2013, Barcelona, Spain (pdf)

8th MC Meeting - 28th of March 2014, Aalborg, DK (pdf)

9th MC Meeting - 4th of June 2014, Leiden (NL) (pdf)

10th MC Meeting - 3rd of September 2014, London, UK (pdf)

Combined WG meetings / Task Force Meetings

6th of September 2013, London (UK)   combined WG meeting

29th of November 2013, Barcelona (ES) combined WG meeting

28th-29th of March 2014, Aalborg (DK) combined WG meeting

9th of Mai 2014, Amsterdam, NL,  Task Force Meeting - (pdf)

3rd of September 2014, London, (UK) - combined WG meeting

7th of November 2014, Brussels, BE,  Task Force Meeting - (pdf)

23rd of March 2015, Amsterdam, NL,  Task Force Meeting - (pdf)