Assessing Pain in Patients with impaired cognition: from pathophysiology to clinical and experimental pain evaluation.


At the Faculty of Medicine and University Hospital, Clermont-Ferrand, France, from April the 4th - 5th, 2013

Organizer: Gisèle Pickering

A detailed program can be found here

Report about the 2nd Training School of the COST Action TD 1005

The 2nd Training School of the COST Action TD 1005 took place at the University of Clermont-Ferrand (France) from April 4th (Thursday) till 5th (Friday) 2013. Prof. Dr. Gisèle Pickering organized a 2-day program including presentations by scientific experts, presentations by students (student sessions) which provided a platform for the young researchers to present their own work as well as allowed for vivid exchange and discussions among the students and practical sessions, where students learned about experimental pain assessment tools and neuropathic pain evaluation. Altogether 14 students from 9 different countries came to Clermont-Ferrand to participate in the 2-day Training School. Students presented their own research projects on assessing pain in demented and cognitively impaired individuals. Presentations ranged from preclinical to clinical studies including experimental and epidemiological approaches. They had the opportunity to participate to practical sessions and to learn about pain stimulus modalities, subjective and objective pain assessment, and cognitive tests. Practical sessions were organized by the team of the Clinical Investigation Centre of Clermont-Ferrand, including clinical research assistants (D Roux, N Macian, N Andant), research nurse (F Giron), biomedical engineer (V Leray) and PhD student (V Morel).

Prof. Dr. Fabrizio Benedetti gave a broad and insightful overview about placebo analgesia in a plenary lecture that welcomed more than a hundred persons, students and Faculty from Clermont-Ferrand University.


Prof. Dr. Gisèle Pickering talked about the state-of-the art of pain and dementia relationship. Prof. Dr. Claude Dubray presented how to assess experimental pain in humans with reference to the tests that students experimented by themselves later in the practical session. 

Dr Jouke Oosterman presented her work on cognitive testing in pain and dementia with large interaction with the students. Dr Patrice Rat presentd the work on the Doloplus®/Algoplus® group on pain scales and pain assessment in persons with impaired cognition and communication disorders.

The social program included a musical afterwork session on the Thursday and the School ended with a cheerful and nice dinner in the oldest part of the city of Clermont-Ferrand.