The necessary work steps require a variety of expertise and methods. In order to guarantee such variety, the following specialized Working Groups will be set up.

Psychometrics and Algesimetry (WG1): Members of WG1 will be those, who evaluate the formal qualities of the existing scales and propose alternatives where necessary.

Nursing and Care (WG2): Members of WG2 will be those, who assess the usability and usefulness of the tools for preparing and monitoring pain management.

Clinical Evaluation and Epidemiology (WG3): Colleagues experienced in large-scale research and knowledgeable in the epidemiology of pain, dementia and similar conditions will be those, who initiate and run the necessary clinical multi-centre and international population-based studies.

Experimental Evaluation (WG4): Neuroscientists, physiologists, pharmacologists and neuropsychologists will contribute by providing experimental tests for the validity of the tools and physiological markers of pain, which do not solely rely on self-report.

Palliative Care (WG5): This WG will focus on the particular challenge of assessing pain at the end of life when dementia is only one of many complicating factors for the quality of life.