Psychometrics and Algesimetry (WG1)

Chair: Dr Bettina S. HUSEBO (NO)
Vice-Chair: Prof. Liv Inger STRAND (NO)

Aim of WG 1:

Since 1978, about 28 Observational Pain Scales for patients with impaired cognition, especially dementia, have been developed and described in the review literature. Most of these scales have also been tested regarding psychometric properties like aspects of validity and reliability. None of them have been designed for the specific assessment of orofacial or dental pain. Only few tools have been tested regarding responsiveness to important change and have been used in clinical studies.

It is the task of Work Group 1 (WG 1) to investigate whether the existing instruments are appropriate to use for people with moderate and severe dementia. We will particularly consider whether facial, vocal and movemental pain behaviors are all assessed, in line with recommendations for pain assessment in dementia by the American Geriatric Society`s (criteria 1-3). The results of psychometric testing will also be considered. Outputs will be delivered to the other working groups (WG 2-5) for a second opinion and further work in the development of a toolkit for pain assessment in cognitively impaired patients.

Here you can find more detailed information on the activities within WG 1




Tarik Binnekade (NL)

Teena Chakkalayil Hassan (DE)

Camille Chatelle (BE)

Dr. Marios Constantinou (CY)

Dr. Anne Corbett (UK)

Suzanne Dewel (NL)

Dr. Jorunn Drageset (NO)

Elisabeth Flo (NO)

Dr. Bettina Husebo (NO)

Dr. Judith Kappesser (DE)

Maria-Anna Laekeman (DE)

Prof. Dr. Stefan Lautenbacher (DE)

Prof. Frank Lobbezoo (NL)

Dr. Brian McGuire (IE)

Prof. Dr. Liv Inger Strand (NO)

Dr. Catalina Tudose (RO)