Clinical Evaluation and Epidemiology (WG 3)

Chair: Dr. Albert LUKAS (GE)

Vice-Chair: Dr. Margot de Waal (NL)

Aim of WG 3:

This WG aims:

To design psychometric studies (using the toolkit items as suggested by WG 1)

To do an epidemiological review on pain and dementia (incidence, prevalence, correlates etc, for input in pilot study)

To plan a clinical evaluation: model for clinical pain evaluation in dementia


To design a pilot study that will put the developed toolkit to test


Here, you can find more detailed information on the activities within WG 3



Prof. Dr Wilco Achterberg (NL)

Dr. Annelore van Dalen-Kok (NL)

Prof. Dr. Thomas Fischer (DE)

Charlotte Griffioen (NL)

Dr. Thomas Kohlmann (DE)

Prof. Dr. Ljubica Konstantinovic(RS)

 Dr. Albert Lukas (DE)

Dr. Brian McGuire (IE)

 Marjoleine Pieper (NL)

Prof. Dr. Matthias Schuler (DE)

Dr.  Hana Vankova (CZ)

Dr. Margot de Waal (NL)