Experimental Evaluation (WG 4)

Chair: Prof. Dr. Ruth Defrin (IL)

Vice-Chair: Dr. Miriam Kunz (DE)

Aim of WG 4:

This WG aims at using experimental designs to help testing the validity and pain-specificity of the toolkit that will be developed.

To do this, different pain biomarkers (e.g. EEG, ERP, facial expression, autonomic responses (ECG, skin conductance)) will be assessed in individuals with different types of cognitive impairment (Alzheimer´s, fronto-temporal dementia, vascular dementia, mild cognitive impairment, mental retardation) using different types of experimental pain induction procedures.

Moreover, the impact of cognitive impairment on pain processing will be studied in two murine animal models involving cognitive deficits.


Here, you can find more detailed information on the activities within WG 4




Dr. Martina Amanzio (IT)

Prof. Dr. Fabrizio Benedetti (IT)

Tali Benromano (IL)

Dr. Basabdatta Bhattacharya (UK)

Dr. Christina Jensen-Dahm (DM)

Prof. Dr. Marina de Tommaso (IT)

Prof. Dr. Ruth Defrin (IL)

Violeta Dimova (DE)

Prof. Dr. Sasa Filipovic (RS)

Prof. Dr. David Finn (IE)

Prof. Lydia Gimenez-Llort (ES)

Dr. Sara Invitto (IT)

Dr. Miriam Kunz (DE)

Dr. Joukje Oosterman (NL)

Dr Laura Petrini (DK)

Dr. Lene Vase (DK)

Prof. Chaim Pick (IL)

Prof. Dr. Gisele Pickering (FR)

Dr. Antonella Pollo (IT)