Palliative Care (WG 5)

Chair: Prof. Nele Van den Noortgate (BE)
Dr. Jenny van der Steen (NL)

Aim of WG 5:

The aim of the palliative care working group will be to consider issues of pain management in people with impaired cognition at the end of life.

To support the development of the toolkit by looking at other aspects of pain included in existing tools. We will consider wider aspects of pain (total pain), ensuring that physical, psychological (depression, anxiety) and existential issues, are kept in mind during the development of the toolkit.

To do a literature search for other groups of patients with cognitive impairment, especially with the aim to detect some tools that can be used in a group of patients with dementia but also to look for the application of the tool in a patient population with delirium.

To review national guidelines on pain assessment and management in people with impaired cognition in palliative care settings.

To identify barriers for the implementation of the toolkit in daily practice. A literature search will be done. The group will also explore funding for a qualitative study of these barriers in nurses and physicians.

To stimulate the implementation of the toolkit in a broader patient population of people with cognitive impairment and not only in patients with dementia.


Here, you can find more detailed information on the activities within WG 5




Prof. Dr. Lieve Van Den Block (BE)

Prof. Dr. Nele van den Noortgate (BE)

Dr.  Sophie Pautex (CH)

Dr.  Hana Vankova (CZ)

Prof. Dr. Lukas Radbruch (DE)

Dr. Valentina Sacchi (UK)

Dr. Elizabeth Sampson (UK)

Prof. Dr. Pesach Shvartzman (IL)

Dr. Lieve Van den Block (BE)

Dr. Jenny Vandersteen (NL)